Volunteers Who Met In A Dating Site Got Married On Valentine’s Day

Finding a possible date entails looking at their profiles and seeing what they’re up to. Apparently, a new dating site that hooks up volunteers for charity is the perfect place to find someone with a heart. Aw, that’s so sweet.

In iHeartVolunteers, various people who are into volunteer work and helping others are joined in one purpose – to meet the love of their lives potentially. That’s where two people met each other and eventually led to a sweet Valentine ’s Day wedding.

Michael Webber and Alexandria Price met through this dating app, and they instantly clicked. Michael was baking for Peace Corps volunteers who would come through the town in Cambodia where he was serving.

Alexandria, on the other hand, was a 33-year-old international development professional. The exchanges of e-mails and long talks on Skype led to a real date – in a café where Michael brought her red velvet cookies, and the rest was history.

Dating Site Got Married

She’s honest, caring, sensitive, incredibly hard working, and a total dork. What’s not to love?” Webber says. “I remember looking at engagement rings like a month after we’d met. When you know, you know.

Webber is now in China; Price is finishing a tour of Nepal with her job. Through regular Skype dates they’ve become the ultimate digital couple, maintaining their love across oceans. They’re getting married on Valentine’s Day.
“I’m not surprised this happened so quickly,” said Shelly Zenner, co-founder of iHeartVolunteers.

“Volunteers share interests and core values such as compassion, a sense of adventure, flexibility and most importantly the desire to help improve the lives of people and the communities in which they live,” says Chris, Shelly’s husband and co-founder. “Having so much in common right off the bat is a huge advantage when looking for a meaningful relationship.”

While there are other sites out there that do a similar sort of thing – CorpsSocial and YourCauseOrMine, for example – iHeartVolunteers stands out by not only giving 10% of their profits to the volunteer’s affiliated project or organization but by verifying the person’s volunteer experience to suss out phonies.

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Finding the love of your life could happen in various places – a restaurant, a train station, or in school. Others, find love through something they enjoy doing, helping others. This epic love story is something that should enjoy as much attention because the sincerity these people have for each other and others, truly overwhelming, as reported by the Good News Network. They are actually perfect for each other. If you want to know more about the article, you can read it at