Video Dating Websites And Disadvantages of Teenage Dating

Many of the Social sites on the Internet have become a household name. For example, who hasn’t heard of YouTube? Have you ever wondered how these websites got so popular, so fast? Or, have you already got it figured out. Of course! It is the videos. Short films created for information and entertainment. So, it should come as no surprise that other Internet ventures are following suit. Today, find your black match with video online dating.

One of the reasons I am nervous about online dating is the potential for anonymity. Who knows if you are really corresponding with a truthful person or someone who has developed a different person for his or her online profile? With video dating it seems like ambiguity would be a little more difficult. Maybe someone could get a friend to sit in front of the camera, but odds are that what is you is what you get.

Also, I would think videos are a great way to assess whether the person is being sincere or trifling with your emotions. Of course, it depends on whether you have the ability to read body language. But, if you can view videos and be objective, it may be possible to determine if the person is comfortable in his or her own skin, if the voice inflections ring true, embellishing the facts, or practicing to deceive.

Video can also improve the online dating experience by helping to determine if the person is one to whom you can be attracted. Truthfully, dating interest is often initially determined by how a person looks. Everyone’s perception of attraction is different. For example, some individuals like the athletic type while others may be looking for a cuddly teddy bear person.

So, regardless of your perception of the perfect person, video dating web sites can only improve the experience of finding the perfect match. It may be the next best thing to meeting in person. It may help with safe online dating issues. But, it will definitely help determine whether you are really attracted to this individual or not. It is simply an improvement in the ability to connect via the Internet.

Is Teenage Dating Online Recommended?

Sorry, but the best advice I can give is that teenage dating online is not recommended. So many adults, who have had a lot more experience with relationships, have gotten really hurt emotionally or physically when trying to find that perfect person on the Internet.

It is such a risky business. The person on the other end of the chat or email correspondence could be anybody. People often hide behind the computer to be someone they are not. While this is not right, many individuals with low self-esteem feel like no one will like who they really are in person. Many people have really been hurt by what seemed like a harmless interaction in the beginning.

Unfortunately, there are those that pretend to be someone else, not because they are insecure, but because they are predators. Two teens may actually be like one teen and someone who is much older and having harmful intentions. While many teens have almost a sense of invisibility, these people play on their emotions, social challenges, typical disagreements with parents, and more to gain their misguided trust.

Teenage dating is one of the scariest activities a young person can undertake. In fact, some police stations will have an officer or two specifically assigned to catch Internet predators. If that is not enough to convince you that dating online as teenagers is a bad idea, think of what will be missed.

As a teen, the best part of dating is getting to hang out and do things together. The little things add up. For example, think about meeting each other in the hallway between classes or after school. What about an actual date to grab a hamburger, coke, and maybe a movie. When you are dating online, you miss all of that and more. What about dances and parties you can go to together. Right now, it may not seem that important. But, it will be someday.

So, teenage dating online is not recommended primarily due to so many safety issues. Dating a person over cyberspace also means missing out on a lot of activities that come to define the teenage years. Instead, have fun getting to know each other in person.