Abusive Relationship

Stop Being a Hostage in an Abusive Relationship

Abusive RelationshipNo one wants to be in an abusive relationship. Women who experienced or is still experiencing the emotional pain of an abusive relationship never saw it coming.
Abuse even in emotional form creeps up without warning and before you know it, you’ve been hurt one too many times already. The pain may be real, but you can overcome it without getting scarred.
There are signs that is important for you to observe in order to tell if a relationship is off the rails. At worst, an abusive relationship can be very dangerous, so you need to pay attention.

I read an article entitled, “How To Stop Holding On To An Emotionally Abusive Relationship” from Divorced Moms and it tells women to be careful and clear minded. Emotional abuse can lead to physical abuse and you should not wait for that to happen.
Leaving won’t be easy, especially if you don’t think you are in danger.

The most important component is an awareness that you are in an abusive relationship. This may take the most work because, as stated above, there are no visible marks. It takes more than the naked eye to see the building damage within.

Once you become aware and accept your relationship is abusive submitting to the desire to end it is the next challenge. With all the mental jabs and stabs taken it can be difficult to convince yourself it is time to leave and easy to talk yourself into staying.

Knowing how to leave without incident is the next step. You will need to develop a plan with the goal of either extracting him from your life or leaving him behind in yours. Either way, you will need to determine what the steps are to get you there.

The article enumerates some signs that can identify if the man you are with can turn into an abusive partner.