The Perfect Compliment, Some Tips

Compliments are always given with the intention of pleasing the person who receives them. But it is possible that sometimes we do too much. Where’s the limit? From which moment the words of love are too numerous and arouse the suspicion of the one who receives them?
Sometimes too much praise brings incomprehension and indignation. Plunging at the same time the complimentary maker in despair. Here are some tips to make compliments in all elegance and satisfy both the one who receives them and the one who formulates them.

Consider the context
is the compliment addressed to a potential partner, a best friend, an acquaintance? Are there people around you? The situation in its entirety is to be taken into account when making a compliment. This is to behave appropriately so as not to plunge the other into embarrassment.

Evaluate the other
Take the time to “analyze” the other correctly: Is it a romantic person, who will appreciate being dubbed “barley sugar”, or is it someone more pragmatic that is more sensitive to compliments on his culinary talents?

Be honest
Most people feel when a compliment is not sincere-and not only when someone who has horse teeth is told that he has a beautiful smile. A simple glance translates sincerity, or on the contrary the lack of honesty.

Be credible
The success of a compliment also lies in its fair share. You want to tell someone that you think she’s beautiful? She will not believe you if you tell her that she would shadow any supermodel on the planet.

Know how to measure
Take precedence over individuality.
Of course, almost everyone likes to hear that he is incredibly sexy. However, you will score more points with a more individual compliment, which shows that you really paid attention to the person.

Think carefully
It is never advisable to compliment someone on a physical or moral aspect that the complex. It’s very cute to adore his love handles, much less to make a tirade.

The importance of the formulation
Beware: While one says “you are superb today …” The other means “… compared to other days”. Every word is important and deserves to be a little bit more.

Quantity for quality
Is it possible to make compliments too often? Here the opinions diverge. A good rule: do not focus on one aspect of personality or physics. Do compliments often yes, but varying your compliments is even better!

No ulterior motives
Whether you plan to bring this beautiful stranger home, wherever you wish your dear and tender to do the housework, the compliment formulated with a ulterior motive is cancelled.


There is a way to go between a first meeting with a potential partner and a fulfilled common life. Sometimes you will be seduced by another single person but the one who does not feel the same feelings. That does not mean that you do not have all your chances. The ideal is of course that you both felt the same feelings for each other after their first appointment. But it is not always so simple: feelings are built, nourish themselves with time. But the feelings are also strained in the course of life to two, because of a work taking, children of a first
Short distance or obstacle course? The way to go between the first appointment and the fulfillment of a life of two has several pitfalls. It is also possible that you will be denied from time to time – do not be discouraged.

When two people feel sympathy for each other and their first appointment is successful, it gives rise to the greatest hopes. But between the first appointment and the beginning of a relationship, one must learn to know each other, and sometimes make concessions, because of a professional life, of the children of a first union or of too much distance between the places of habitation

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