Are You Your Partner’s Top Priority

It will be hard for anyone to be in a relationship where they are taken for granted, romantic or otherwise.

If you are not important to your partner, you may just be there for convenience. You should find the nearest exit if you don’t want to be a martyr. recently posted an article “10 Signs You are an Option, not the Priority in your Relationship” and it brought many things to light.

He mentioned some signs that you should observe that will help you decide if it’s time to move on.

When you’re a priority to someone, they make an effort to ask you about your life. They’ll want to know how your day went, how your family is doing and how your job is going. If your partner doesn’t take an interest in your life, you aren’t a priority to them.

Does your partner answer your phone calls or text messages throughout the day? If you’re often left waiting hours and hours for a response and you can’t seem to get a hold of your partner, they clearly don’t care enough to get back to you.

Some of these signs are things most guys are guilty of like not responding to texts and making your girlfriend wait too long for a callback. Guess it’s time we pay more attention.

The sad part is that as the article continues to name these signs, they get more and more hurtful.

When it comes down to lying and having only one keep making the sacrifices in the relationship – I won’t understand it if you should decide to stay.

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