Clueless On Your First Date From A Online Dating Website? Some ideas

There are lot of Online Dating Website out there and you have plenty of opportunities to chat with them and you can have a personal date for the first time. If you are worried about where you should go for a first date, then stop worrying and read on. Think creatively and then decide where you would like to go for your first date. I always like to think about new ideas, so here are some for you.

Instead of trying to go for something that any one of you already does or enjoys, you can be adventurous and try something absolutely new. It will mark the beginning of your relationship with excitement and adventure.

Everybody goes for a dinner or movie, why not something else. Here are some great ideas.


If both of you are not afraid of heights then, both of you should try this one. What could be more exciting or exhilarating than standing together in the door of an open plane, ready to jump? It has loads of adventure along with a unique romantic appeal to it. Call your local airport and see if they can help you with this.

Hookah Cafes

If you have never tried Middle Eastern cuisine or the hookah, then this is surely worth a try. If either of you is health conscious then you might not enjoy this, however, it works well for a first date. The atmosphere is typically cozy and laid back. You can smoke hookah, enjoy delicious coffee, eat a little and have a great conversation.

Art galleries or conventions

If you love art, then this is the place to be. You can even read up a little on the art exhibited and impress your date with your knowledge. You can walk around appreciating art while the music plays on. It can be really romantic and appealing to an art lover.

Live comedy

You can even hit your local comedy club. You can treat yourself with some good laughs and that will also work as a great ice breaker for you.

Wine tasting

If you have close access to vineyards, then take a tour or go for wine tasting. It can be really fun. Sipping some great wines can be a great way to have a nice conversation. Besides, the ambience of a beautiful vineyard will work wonders for you.

Scuba diving

Now, if you live near a beach, then what could be more fun than scuba diving? Go for a dive in the water, admire the sea life and follow it up with a great dinner on the seaside. These are the ingredients of true romance.

Book signings or Poetry readings

Anybody will love to listen to poetry and so these make nice first dates. If you want to take a step further, you can even read a piece yourself at the poetry reading. This will certainly score you some points. You can go for book signings even if you are not an avid reader in particular. You can make some decent conversation over coffee and also enjoy the dramatic reading by the author.