Chill Out Buddy – Tips To Be Successful In Dating

You meet a girl or you get a chance to talk to her through the online dating website. You like her and feel the attraction right from the beginning. Then you want to ask her out on a date. However, you just cannot seem to figure out a way to do this.

If this feels someone like you then you are not alone here. Several people struggle with mustering up the courage to ask someone out. Here are a few tips that will help you.

Get over your fear of rejection

This is the number one reason that keeps people from asking someone out. Just think about this, if you do not ask how will you know. You have to make a start somewhere. There is no point in stalling just because of this fear. Get over it.

If the first one rejects you, try for the second one. There are plenty of girls you will like. So, if you do not take the first step, you will never know what might have happened next.

Avoid Fridays or Saturdays for first dates

These two days are mainly for the more serious dates. If you are starting out then these are not the ideal days to begin. You can go on any other day like a Thursday or a Wednesday. You should also try to avoid Mondays.

Learn to be specific

When you have finally mustered up enough courage to go up to her and ask her out, remember to be specific. Do not linger around the topic. You can tell something like this. I have heard that the famous play is now playing at the local theatre on a Thursday or Wednesday. Would you like to join me? The question will allow the other person to decide. If they are interested then the first step is done for you.

Plan beforehand

Do not ask to go out on a date tomorrow. Give the other person time. On the other hand, you can be impulsive and follow your heart.

Ask out in person

While you can do it over the phone also, the best way to go about it is to ask out in person. You can see your prospective date face to face, as you do so you will be able to observe her body language as she responds to your question.

You can use these techniques to ask someone out on a date. Remember to exude confidence. If the girl sees that you are a confident and secure person, she will be more inclined to feel safe enough to come with you.